Common Questions

Q: What is a replacement window?

A: Basically all windows can be considered replacement windows. The two main differences are "Insert" style and "Full Frame" style. Insert is just as it sounds, the sashes and track come out and a whole new custom sized window goes into the existing frame. Full Frame means the entire window, frame, casing and all are removed and a new window unit is installed with new interior casing as well. The most common "Insert" window is a vinyl window, however, most manufacturers of wood windows also offer a custom sized insert window. "Full Frame" windows for the most part are wood frames and sashes with either aluminum of fiberglass cladding on the outside to protect the wood from the elements.

Q: Do I need a Permit?

A: It depends on where you live and what you are having done. Most towns require a permit for replacement of the roof and permit requirements for windows and siding vary from town to town.

Q: Who supplies the permit?

A: We do. Be very suspicious of any contractor that wants you to get the permit, that usually means that they don't have proper licensing or insurance coverage to meet the villages requirements for doing work in there town.

Q: What's better, aluminum siding or vinyl siding?

A: There are pros and cons to both. If it came down to the absolute best look between the two, it would have to be aluminum siding. It is a more rigid panel and has crisper lines than vinyl siding. However, the draw backs are that it dents easily and the cost has risen significantly over recent years. Vinyl siding is the most commonly used siding by far, mostly because the material cost are lower. Vinyl siding is easier to install and maintain, however, there is huge difference in quality between many of the sidings that are on the market. Most manufacturers have six or seven different levels of quality in their product lines. We only use the top of the line vinyl sidings to ensure the best possible results.

Q: What is better, aluminum soffit or vinyl soffit?

A: We use aluminum soffit on almost every soffit and fascia installation. The panel has more structural integrity and doesn't sag like vinyl soffit can. We also use Alcoa brand, double six aluminum soffit exclusively, it is a nice low profile tongue and groove panel that looks great.

Q: What's the difference between .019 and .024 aluminum fascia?

A: Aluminum is measured by thickness not gauge, so .019 is nineteen thousands of an inch thick and .024 is twenty four thousands of and inch thick. That may not sound like a very big difference but when it comes to how it performs its huge. .024 fascia lies flatter and you can cover larger fascia without it rippling. The cost is significantly higher but the results can't be beat. We use .024 aluminum trim coil to make all of our fascia, frieze and gable fascia coverings.

Q: What's the difference between asphalt and fiberglass shingles?

A: The main ingredient in all composite shingles is asphalt. The difference is what's inside. Class "A" shingles have a fiberglass mat that is saturated with asphalt and colored granules are installed on top to protect the asphalt and to provide an esthetically pleasing look. Class "C" shingles are what where most commonly referred to as asphalt shingles, they have a felt or paper core that are saturated in asphalt and colored granule installed. Almost all shingles manufactured today are Class "A" asphalt shingles. The "A" denotes the fire rating.

Q: Do we have to put down a large deposit?

A: No, we don't take any deposit. We ask for payment upon completion of the entire job. We think that makes the customer more comfortable knowing that they have not given someone that they don't really know a whole bunch of money and then hope you see them again. In seventeen years we have not taken a single deposit. We have that much confidence in the quality of our work, that we know you will be satisfied with the final outcome. If you decide to go with a contractor that requires a big deposit, I strongly recommend you have them put the money in escrow for your protection.

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