Our Commitment to Quality is Reflected in Every Job We Do

About Us

Chris Swisher went to work for Herzing Roofing in May of 1985 after a couple of years of friendship and multiple job offers by Horst Herzing to come work for him as a salesman. After only six months Horst decided he wanted to retire. So Chris, along with another salesman became partners and bought the company. 

After eight years, Chris’ desire for superior customer service and quality led him to begin his own company that reflected his core values. On June 1st 1993 Chris started Swisher Exteriors. The company is now celebrating its 21st anniversary and still going strong, with a focus on providing the best quality workmanship, materials and service to its customers. All of the estimating and scheduling is still done by Chris.

Due to his dedication to quality, Swisher Exteriors has never taken a deposit in 21 years. All work is billed upon completion. Some people in the business think that’s crazy, but Chris is extremely confident in the workmanship of his crews that he knows the customer will be satisfied with the work.


Questions About Doing Business With Swisher Exteriors

It depends on where you live and what you are having done. Most towns require a permit for replacement of the roof and permit requirements for windows and siding vary from town to town.


We do. Be very suspicious of any contractor that wants you to get the permit, that usually means that they don't have proper licensing or insurance coverage to meet the villages requirements for doing work in there town.


No, we don't take any deposit. We ask for payment upon completion of the entire job. We think that makes the customer more comfortable knowing that they have not given someone that they don't really know a whole bunch of money and then hope you see them again. In seventeen years we have not taken a single deposit. We have that much confidence in the quality of our work, that we know you will be satisfied with the final outcome. If you decide to go with a contractor that requires a big deposit, I strongly recommend you have them put the money in escrow for your protection.